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Procedures for Pre-Qualification 

It is deemed as non-dangerous combustible waste, subject to export license specifically addressed to destination plant and inclusive of destination Country's authority’s approval (procedure known as "prior written notification and consent"). Destination Country must be signatory of Basel Convention on wastes.

Users of RDF are required to go through pre qualification in order to set UK Environment Agency criteria of who can use RDF. The interested importers are required to provide the following information:

  1. Letter of Intent (LOI) – Indicating what the buyers require.
  2. This must also include information of the furnace in question i.e. Feed method, specifications, Burning rate, exhaust fume rates, Baghouse specifications, Ash disposal methods.
  3. Any licences copies, photos of the furnace, and operating procedures.
  4. A Local Authority Consent (i.e. a NOC non-objection certificate) allowing buyer to import RDF

After these documents are submitted it will be processed by the UK Environment Agency. Once approval is given, a sales contract will be issued. After mutual agreement, the contracts will be exchanged and sale can be initiated.

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