AK Enterprises Naik Ltd

Fuelling a Brighter Future

Our Story

A K E N is a newly established business being incorporated in November 2018, delivering cost effective waste management solutions in recycling and Waste for Energy solutions for emerging markets.

A K E N was formerly known as AK Enterprises, a sole enterprises since 1997, operating in the food wholesale, exports and waste management. A K E N has continued to carryout these activities and is also incorporated in our business.

A K E N has established working relationships with major waste management companies in the UK. Our focus has been been on promoting the use of the products produced from the waste companies for export to countries outside of Europe and OECD countries.

A K E N continues to strive in new exclusive ventures being trendsetters in the field of waste management. We have established a working model that allows our exclusive export of export quality RDF from the UK. 

A K E N are currently undertaking climate change initiatives with clients who in turn receive "Climate Emission Reduction" Credits. 

Something new

A K E N has undertaken recovery operations in mattress recycling. Working with several municipalities and waste recovery operators, the recovery of steel springs, felt, polyester, foam and pocket springs. 

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